There’s a structural change occurring in the market called Tin-to-Cloud. What is this all about?

05.08.2015 new-blog-photo

Tin-to-Cloud is a term used to talk about organisations and companies, typically larger ones, taking their servers and equipment from on-premise to off-premise, such as data centres, centralised data centres and enterprise cloud environments. Basically, what was a three to five year refresh equipment cycle and a big capital expenditure, everything simply now goes into the Cloud. There’s a transform or an evolution of going into the Cloud, where companies are moving to a subscription based model.

One of the reasons why the Inabox Group bought Anittel was to actually help with this industry ‘transformation’, firstly by transforming our business to follow this structural change. We now have a lot of Cloud products, enterprise Cloud products on Cisco and Dell platforms that help migrate our customers into the Cloud. Now, we are in an optimum position to consult our customers, hand-hold them through the change and provide them with the cloud-based services.

CEO, Damian Kay